Selecting a cigar can be difficult proposition. Whether you are a new smoker choosing their first cigar, seeking a gift for a friend or loved one, or looking for something new, there are a couple of basics that can aid you in making that choice.



The first decision you need to make is the strength of the cigar. Are you looking for a mild, medium or full-bodied smoke? Beginners should probably start with something mild. A good point of reference to determine the strength of a cigar is color. A light colored cigar is usually mild, while a dark cigar is strong. The outside wrapper usually dictates the strength of the cigar. A light colored wrapper is usually a Connecticut or a Candela. The Camaroon, Sumatra, Corojo and Habano are varients of a medium-strength cigar. The strongest wrappers are Ligero and Maduro.



The length of the cigar determine the length of the smoke. A longer cigar will take longer to smoke. The gauge

(the thickness of the cigar) affects how much smoke you take in during in each puff.



What is the difference between a cigar that is costs $4 and $12? Quality and brand. Depending on the producer of the cigar, what country it comes from, the quality of tobacco, the quality of construction, the ratings of the cigar, etc. That $4 cigar can be just as good a smoke as the $12 depending on the smoker's tastes.